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1-on-1 Zentorship 

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Hello Gorgeous,

I am excited for the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you a little about WHO I AM and how I have aligned with my life’s calling as an [in]POWERment Coach, Author & Energy Healer.My name is Taleen Sofee and I AM the women’s [in]POWERment Coach and influencer in the world of women’s wellness. As a mother, managing a career with L’Oreal, USA as a top sales woman I felt exhausted and unfulfilled; that [in]spired me to search for peace and balance in my life. In 2014 I had my awakening moment to create a place where other women could feel at peace too. I founded Zen Me Wellness, in Henderson, Nevada.


ZEN ME”- describes everything I was inviting into my own life.

Through my will, determination, passion, and faith I have aligned to a life of my dreams. By dedicating the time and energy to GROW through my shadow SELF -healing my inner-child and coming out from hiding in the SHAME of my ‘old story’; NO more seeing my-SELF less than, unworthy and not enough BUT instead whole, complete and a [Warrior of- LIGHT] here to serve other women on a similar journey [in]ward.

-In my private practice, I work with women from all walks of life who are READY and committed to shifting from the [in]side out and begin to live a LIFE in ALIGNMENT-

They find me when they are ready in order to go to their next level of healing from the unhealed story of what they have continued to tell themselves over and over again. I am here to tell you personally –‘YOU ARE A STORY WORTH LOVING’… it just takes YOU to see, feel it & embody it FULLY! My biggest JOY is helping/guiding my clients to bring forth their most courageous SELF while creating balance, peace, and unconditional LOVE for themselves. My approach of combining my degree in Psychology with other extensive trainings in the field of mind-body have placed me in a unique class of elite coaches. It is my intention to guide you through this chapter in your life by offering YOU:

1:1 SELF-[in]POWERment Coaching with me - where YOU will dis-connect in order to re-connect. This personalized journey [in]ward will guide YOU to [in]vision personal (GROWTH), harness personal (POWER) and connect to the importance of (SELF-LOVE). Part of knowing your-SELF is UN-knowing your-SELF and letting go of all the limiting stories you have been telling your-SELF, so you can finally GROW through this chapter and NOT go through it over and over again.
Depending on your SOULS JOURNEY- this opportunity can be made available to you in a 3/6/9 month duration. 

During our initial call together we will be diving deep into your hearts truest desires and see if WE are a right fit to continue on this journey of [inner] SELF-LOVE…

Some of the changes my clients have experienced and been able to apply in their lives are:

Creating healthy boundaries, new perspective and tools to create balance, energy, inner peace; feel more grounded and centered even when surrounded by chaos. One of the biggest shifts I have been able to consistently witness during the journey together is finally being able to let go of deep rooted attachments/traumas, finding closure, inner child-healing and loving SELF unconditionally.


It is an honor to SHOW UP for you in this part of your journey and tell you that if I can do it so can YOU!!!

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Helps bring clarity and focus to an overactive, anxious and busy mind.


Create a life where you are not at the mercy of your emotions and feeling overwhelmed.

Connects the mind, body and soul to feel whole and complete from the inside out.


Getting to the root cause of the disharmony in your body and bringing a sense of calm and relaxation within the body.



Each WOMEN who takes the journey [in]ward grows exponentially by personal growth, personal power and the importance of Self- LOVE.



Taleen is a very gifted & talented energy healer and comes highly recommended. Her energy healing treatments helped my whole body, mind and spirit. She is truly a blessing. 

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