WOMB Clearing

Heal the past | Activate UR manifestation POWERS

  • 1 hour
  • 500 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Each of our wombs carry codes of feminine creative potential and expression from our lineage and the Divine Feminine essence of creation. This creativity can be utilized not only to make and birth babies, but to also birth ideas into physical form, and assist the body in its healing process. However, there are emotional blocks that can energetically form in the sacral chakra… due to past trauma, saying YES too often to things that aren’t in highest alignment, or from having had past experiences where that YES was made for us… This causes repression of natural Shakti energy flow (feminine creation energy) which prevents the ease of creating what we desire and/or manifesting our healing… and can cause repeating patterns where we may notice similar types of experiences/stories showing up within our realities. So with this session we will go within and release any cords and connections to anything/anyone who still may have an energetic IMPRINT with your energy body.

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