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Find your OWN rhythm, un- plug from the ‘old story’ and RESET. You are trying to find your answers living the same

‘old story’.

You already know the ending to that story, so are you READY to shift?

Who are YOU without the story currently? Break the cycle once and for ALL!

I didn't want to hear this at first either as I asked mySELF WHY? WHY me? WHY have I been chosen to break this cycle of dysfunction? Until I decided that no pain was worth my happiness and joy in my life. I also saw that the WHY became my WHY I was going to press forward and see through the confusion.

I said to myself, “I am ALIVE and breathing so I have a purpose”.

Your ‘old story’ is OVER!!! You hear me … it’s time to break up…

It hurts, all while feeling lost, confused, unworthy, consistently comparing yourSELF, wishing, and hoping things will change for YOU.

But YOU are the only one who can change the frequency, vibration and channel you are on.

Are you READY? I was there too but I CHOSE TO CHANGE MY frequency, vibration and channel, and that's when it all SHIFTED!

STOP contemplating! YOUR future is just on the other side of your PAIN & HURT.

Who and what are you reaching for? Is it helping?

Your life is waiting…You already know the results of this old outcome.

I ask YOU to believe in what you are daydreaming about and SHOW UP. YOU DESERVE this! This is your WAKE UP CALL.

FORGIVE the little girl inside, she didn’t know any better… teach her the NEW WAY.

There is a MESSAGE in your mess and it is so beautiful, YOU just have to open it and put the puzzle pieces together YOUR WAY.

I SEE you, I FEEL you, and I INNER-stand YOUR pain…

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