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Every day I practice letting go of the expectation that I need to meet everyone else’s agenda.

From the second we open up our eyes we connect to an artificial object (our phones).

We consume the images, words and energies coming through from someone else’s expectations and agenda.

Remember that some people are meant to be with you through your entire life, others for a chapter or just a brief encounter.

So be COMMITTED to what’s best for your MIND/BODY/HEART(SOUL)!

STOP absorbing what isn’t for your highest good and telling yourself you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Sound familiar?

I can relate…

We view the internet as an idol who feeds us rather than creating our own reality and dropping the expectations.

We are afraid of what others will think and feel so much that we run away from FEELING uncomfortable and continue to please others without speaking our truth.

STOP expecting and start EXPLORING…

High standards, low expectations, and a TON of LOVE…

Don’t EXPECT… instead ACCEPT!

STATE: “I RELEASE you and accept the teacher you are or have been in my life”. THANK YOU

Your TRUTH is for you to understand and live and love by.

Shift the agenda to make it YOUR OWN!


I want to leave you with 3 steps that can help you through the spiral of EXPECTATIONS:

1- See life in a new lens. Instead of focusing on your disappointment(s) or what went wrong, try this:

Ask yourself, what is here for me to learn?

How can I accept this outcome and release my expectations?

2- Challenge your beliefs, thoughts and reality. Ask yourself whose expectations is this really?

Is this how “I” really how feel; or was this expectation put on me or I put on myself?

3- Bend. Be FLEXIBLE. Allow others to show up as their AUTHENTIC self and TRUTH on their journey.

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