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Moving from FEAR to a state of LOVE

Change and Transition

CHANGE is what we want everyone else to do, RIGHT!?

But not what we want to do…

CHANGE means: moving from feeling isolation, separation, loneliness, anger, fear, pain and into a state of peacefulness. Where you can relax and enjoy life as it comes to you; knowing everything is OK.

It’s either F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real) or LOVE. We must CHOOSE.

We continue to look to other people to SAVE US and do the work for us.

We get caught up in the moment of AFFECTION and ATTENTION. Then realize it is the same cycle that’s been playing over and over again.

BUT you need to go within to change because YOU have the POWER to SAVE yourself!

Are you still feeling overwhelmed as you’re reading this and FEELING the responsibility of the CHANGE?

THINK about how will your life look & FEEL like if you start TODAY and begin that CHANGE you have been seeking.

DON’T feel like the VICTUM!

I too, have been in your shoes; fearing, doubting, hopeless, and feeling lost.

What would it take to PUSH YOURSELF and start living your new AMAZING life?

I SEE you, I FEEL you, I UNDERSTAND your pain…

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