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SELF talk - 33 levels of [in]provement

Self Esteem Limits Forward Thinking And Leveraging Knowledge SELF talk – 33 levels of [in]provement™ - emphasizes the importance of positive inner dialogue. It will provide unique concepts to [in]prove yourself, and achieve your goals. 


“SELF talk’ aims to support your EVOLUTION in ways that empower you to steer the mind chatter into constructive assignments for self improvement.

– Johnnie Williams III


As you navigate the ascent from your lower self to your higher SELF, allow the 33 vertebrae to serve as your ladder to heightened consciousness.  

- Taleen Sofee


This book is a one stop shop for your self improvement. My suggestion is to get the book, read it twice, then take action in your life. In the final analysis, when we get past  making excuses, we find the only thing stopping us from being “the best you” is YOU. This book helps you get to; YOU!!!   - James Anderson


Taleen Sofee and Johnnie Williams make such a magical team! They effortlessly put into words the POWER of our thoughts. This is a book that I will keep forever and continue to learn something new each time that I read it.   -Lucy Maturin

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