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As The women's [in]powerment coach, author and influencer in the world of women's wellness, I created a SELF-care APP -Zen Me: empowering women, to improve the SOUL, BODY and MIND. Come and  Elevate your life alongside me as I guide you.

Beach Waves

  My story is of Strength & Perseverance.


As The Women's [in]powerment Coach, author and influencer in the world of women's wellness, my life story is a TESTIMONY- that it doesn't matter the limitations you are born into; what matters is your willingness to work with what you have. I realize the importance of  a soul centered business and that it represents who you are. At A-ZENful U, I strive to make your journey with me a true reflection of your unique purpose. I know exactly what it takes to create a seamless experience, combining creativity and professionalism that lets your authentic SELF shine through. With each session personalized for YOU,  I am here to help guide you through the process. 

REALIZE there is Beauty in the experiences and nothing happens by chance.

 About  Taleen Sofee

As an Ancient healing art,  A Soul Retrieval is experienced in order to seek out broken fragments of your soul SELF that was severed by Trauma. Emotional experiences that exceed the limits can cause part of your soul to break away from you. Soul Retrieval recovers all these pieces and aligns you back to your highest SELF. After each session you journey through, you will experience more energy and/or calmness.

Soul Retrieval

Instantly analyze your health from the [in]side out. Experiencing: Greater focus- Reduced Stress- Improved Health and seeing your results in REAL TIME; with your  Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual SELF. 

Quantum Therapy

Experience the Healing Powers of Taleen Sofee

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