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Meet Taleen Sofee

I moved to Las Vegas in 2007 to finish my degree in Psychology, and I felt unfulfilled and searching deeper for answers through books and a university system but did not find them…


I began reSEARCHing, learning and growing in the field of the MIND, BODY, and SOUL. At the time my career as a top saleswoman with L’Oréal, along with my own life experiences and struggles inspired me to follow my PASSION for cultivating awareness around creating BALANCE and living a


In August of 2014, I felt a sudden inspiration to create a place where others like me who were searching for answers could feel at peace and find some of their own answers through the many modalities offered. That is when Zen Me Wellness was birthed into a reality.


I’ve since been actively serving the community as a Quantum Therapist and co-founded citiZENcirlce to serve women and young ladies in a group setting to create a place for them to be heard and find their own voice and identity.

Some other areas I have focused on also include:  

 Access Consciousness, Intuitive Coaching, Chakra Balancing, and a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy, Aroma Touch and guided meditation.


However, my specialty is in Quantum Therapy and I am currently the ONLY practitioner in Las Vegas, NV working with this innovative technology. Quantum Therapy offers individuals an invasive look into their current state of health in real-time by detecting brainwave patterns and electromagnetic frequencies in the mind/body. It helps the individual experience greater focus, reduced stress, and improved health and wellbeing. Clients walk away with the benefit of feeling renewed from the inside out.


RE-charge, RE-calibrate, and RE-set, with Quantum Therapy.


“I feel there is, no need to tear down the HUMAN BODY in an attempt to bring it into balance when this can be achieved through frequency alignment sessions”.



 I am ready to serve YOU when you feel inspired to schedule your session. There is always a MESSAGE in our MESS and it’s time you align yourself to see what that message is!


I look forward to meeting you soon!


  Taleen Sofee


YOUth Wellness Specialist


Quantum Therapy Practitioner

Assists with... 


Helps bring clarity and focus.


Balancing inner frequencies to provide alignment from the inside out.


Creating a level of calm and relaxation within the body systems.


Connects the mind, body and soul centers to leave you feeling peace and tranquility.


Bringing harmony and homeostasis by

improving energy levels.


Reducing stress by releasing over stimulation from an overused fight or flight system.



“Taleen is amazing. I have never had a session quite like hers. It's like she truly see's into your soul and is able to tell you what it's asking for. Every time I leave a session, I feel like I have been shown the direction I am supposed to go. I've had no other experience as exceptional as having my inner thoughts and needs confirmed. Thank you Taleen.”

— Micheline Schuerger

Stay At Home Mom

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