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Meet Taleen Sofee

 Youth Wellness Specialist & Quantum iNfinity Practitioner 

 Are you stressed, feeling disconnected or just need to find BALANCE in your life?


 Well, Quantum iNfinity is the ONLY technology that recharges every point of your entire consciousness allowing recalibration on every level instantly! You will feel the benefits of being completely RESET from the inside out.

I am the only Quantum iNfinity Practitioner in Las Vegas who has this technology. Some of my other pieces of training in other modalities include:


Energy Code Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, Intuitive Coaching and a degree in Psychology from UNLV. Beyond college, I have extensive training and certifications and been part of Leadership projects that will aid my (connection) with serving you at the highest level. 

I founded Zen Me Wellness and Co-Founded The citiZENcircle Program (teen and pre-teen girls program) as well.


Through my own life experiences and struggles, I decided to leave my successful corporate career as top saleswomen with L'Oreal Professionnel to pursue my passion to INSPIRE and cultivate awareness around creating BALANCE in your life.

citiZENcircle was created with the idea of connecting with young ladies through meaningful conversations during a 6-10 week period (1x week), in which participants will gain conversational CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE, and tools to use daily in their lives. 

My Philosophy
I believe that each individual is unique as such that I tailor my approach to address your concerns and needs. 
Why Work With Me
I will help guide YOU or a group of young ladies towards their highest potential for life long BALANCE & PEACE. You'll learn how to manage emotions, restore personal wellness and increase life balance and peace. 
CONTACT me as we work together to support your needs or group of young ladies in living a life of BALANCE!

Youth Wellness Specialist


Quantum iNfinity Practitioner

Assists with... 


Helps bring clarity and focus.


Balancing inner frequencies to provide alignment from the inside out.


Creating a level of calm and relaxation within the body systems.


Connects the mind, body and soul centers to leave you feeling peace and tranquility.


Bringing harmony and homeostasis by

improving energy levels.


Reducing stress by releasing over stimulation from an overused fight or flight system.



“Taleen is amazing. I have never had a session quite like hers. It's like she truly see's into your soul and is able to tell you what it's asking for. Every time I leave a session, I feel like I have been shown the direction I am supposed to go. I've had no other experience as exceptional as having my inner thoughts and needs confirmed. Thank you Taleen.”

— Micheline Schuerger

Stay At Home Mom

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3161 E. Warm Springs Rd. #300 Las Vegas, NV 89120


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