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Hello Beautiful SOUL,


It is not by accident that OUR paths have aligned so YOU can meet me here in my creative space. It is my hope that YOU will be able to connect to the content and OMazing services I have here offered for YOU.  INspiration, INpowerment and LOVE is what I see you leaving my page with. 


I am excited for the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you a little about WHO I AM and how I have aligned with my life’s calling as an [in]POWERment Coach & Master Energy Healer.

My name is Taleen Sofee and I AM an [in]POWERment Coach and influencer in the world of women’s wellness and have enhanced the lives of many women from all walks of life.


My life is a testimony in that it doesn’t matter the limitations that you are born into, what matters is your willingness to work with what you have and create a new path for yourself on this journey called LIFE; no matter what that path will ask of you. Everything I do is guided by SPIRIT and I AM here to share my gift of guiding YOU to your TRANSFORMATION…


As a mother, managing a career with L’Oreal, USA as a top sales woman I felt exhausted and unfulfilled; which inspired me to search for peace and balance in my life. In 2014 I had an awakening moment to create a place where other women could feel at peace too. I founded Zen Me Wellness, LLC in Henderson, Nevada. Zen Me describes everything I was inviting into my own own life. I also co-founded citiZENcircle in 2015, a Signature Program which has served women and teenage girls with a safe place to be heard, find their voice and embrace their unique identity.


It has become my PURPOSE to live by example daily by staying open, true, and vulnerable and letting go with love and gratitude of the ‘old story’ that no longer served me and to live my best SELF!


I am here to tell you that- YOU ARE A STORY WORTH LOVING… it just takes YOU to see it, feel it & embody it FULLY.

It is my intention to guide you through this chapter in your life by offering YOU a safe space to dis-connect in order to re-connect. I will guide YOU to [in]vision personal (GROWTH), harness personal (POWER) and connect to the importance of (SELF-LOVE).

Part of knowing yourSELF is UN-knowing yourSELF and letting go of all the limiting stories you have been telling yourSELF, so you can finally GROW through this chapter and NOT relive the same cycles continuously.

I am honored to be the women who can SHOW UP and tell you that if I can do it so can YOU!!!

NO more seeing yourSELF less than, unworthy and not enough BUT instead whole, complete and a [Warrior of- LIGHT] here to TRANSFORM into the "QUEEN" that you know YOU are!

I see YOU, I feel YOU, I hear your STORY… and I truly look forward to meeting YOU soon.

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Helps bring clarity and focus.


Balancing inner frequencies to provide alignment from the inside out.


Connects the mind, body and soul centers to leave you feeling peace and tranquility.


Bringing harmony and homeostasis by [in]proving energy levels.


Creating a level of calm and relaxation within the body systems.


Reducing stress by releasing over stimulation from an overused fight or flight system.



Your NEW STORY starts here...




3161 E. Warm Springs Rd. #300 Las Vegas, NV 89120

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Ariana Mora, Psychologist

“Taleen is gifted. She transcends peacefulness and is truly gifted in helping my spiritual growth. She has been a moving force in helping me find my purpose and path. I have found her services highly valuable and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a connection to a higher self. Grateful for her.”

Choo Smith,

Harlem Globetrotter

Ms. Taleen is by far one of the BEST health and wellness coaches in the GLOBE!

Taleen's ability to connect with your inner-SELF and bring calmness is second to none. Taleen is FIRM but empathetic!!! It is so AMAZING how she breaks down your ENERGY LEVELS!!! Words can't EXPLAIN how she has transformed my MIND/BODY/SOUL. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET ON HER CALENDAR IMMEDIATELY!!! 

Gracie Hart, Entrepreneur

My life changed for the better once I met and started my regular coaching sessions with Taleen. She is dedicated to her work and fully attentive. She has taught me so much about how and where I hold onto to stuff that no longer serve me. I've never felt better!

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