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The Women's [in]POWERment APP

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Hello Beautiful,


 It is not by accident that our paths have aligned so YOU can meet me here in my creative space.

It is my hope that YOU will be able to connect to the content and amazing services I offer YOU.

" Become the MASTER of your own life. Create it... live it, breathe it, know it, and then show up as it. " -

-Taleen Sofee




Kathy Blair -Mother

I've committed to working with Taleen  weekly. To be honest, I don't want to spend a week without seeing her through our virtual calls. Her voice and energy helps bring peace to my mind, body and SOUL. After each session, I feel free and relaxed. Taleen did a 360 with my life and my boys' lives. My energy, patience, self-love, and anxiety has gotten so much better. There are no words that can describe how blessed I am to have her in our life. She's life changing. I can't thank her enough.

  Mindfulness Guide     

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